Jun 27, 2012

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

It's Monster Truck Time Here at Turtles and Tails! (Imagine an announcer voice.)

Okay, not so much a true monster truck, but we did just purchase a pickup truck that is twice the size of our old one.

Here is the poor old guy just before being retired:

It's a 1986 Toyota. Yes, that's right 1986. The truck's so old that they didn't even have fancy names like Tacoma and Tundra back then. It's just a "Toyota". I'll bet that this truck is older than some of you reading this blog. In its defense (and Tom's for buying the thing in the first place) it is a southern truck (i.e. it came from the southern United States) so it hadn't seen any winter weather before we bought it. In fact, most people wouldn't guess that it was 26 years old. Unless you saw the inside of it - but we'll get to that later.

So this, this is our new baby:

It's a 2006 Silverado. 2006! Actually made this century! It's a miracle. Let me check Tom's forehead, he may be feverish.

We really did need a new truck though. We could never use the old one if we wanted to take the dogs with us, and I couldn't drive it myself as it's a stubborn old stick-shift. That made it difficult if my vehicle was in for repairs. This new one is an automatic and I've already driven it a couple of times (look out pedestrians!) Not to mention that it's a crew cab so there's room for everyone plus all the crap we seem to haul around.

I think it was meant to be ours. Tom works at a GM dealership and sees the trade-ins when they come in. He saw this one, asked me if I thought we could afford it, but then it was gone in a couple of days. However, it turns out that it was just moved to another part of the property. And then the dealership decided to pave the lot, so they needed to get rid of everything as quickly as possible. That meant we ended up with the truck far below the price we could get anywhere else.

I'm sure most people would think, "A 6 year old truck? No thanks!" But being married to a mechanic, you never have a new vehicle. It's all about the engine and the "pretty" doesn't matter. Finally I get some pretty.

Want to see comparisons between the two?

Here is the dashboard of the old truck
(that white sticker says "add 361K kms to odometer reading"):

Don't you love the hockey tape around the radio and the custom-made tray and cup holder? May as well have "redneck" tattooed on your forehead. :-)

And the dashboard of the new truck:

Front views:

Side views:

Booty shots:

Do you see why we feel like sudden millionaires?

Unfortunately this purchase means no big vacation this year. 

Yep, Tom owes me big-time for this one.

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