Oct 3, 2013

More Lighting (Because I'm a Liar)

So, I am a bit of a fibber. Yes, I'll admit it. Do you remember when I said I can never find light fixtures that I like? Well, right after that I found two in one week.

First we found one for the master bedroom:

DVI Essex two-bulb glass pendant light

It's this light from DVI (and it's on sale right now - 47% off!). There is an inner ring of frosted glass and then an outer ring of clear glass, joined together by metal pegs. Putting it together was a bit terrifying.

DVI Essex two-bulb glass pendant light

I was so afraid that the glass would crack if the peg put any extra pressure on the it. This was definitely a two-person job; you had to keep the glass nearly level the whole time. It's pretty though, right? A huge improvement over the flying saucer-looking light that was there before.

DVI Essex two-bulb glass pendant light

And if I could remember to take pictures on the weekend, I might get some with natural light.

DVI Essex two-bulb glass pendant light

The second light was for the front room. There was track lighting in there before and it was horrible. Again with the spaceships.

track lighting

We tried to arrange them so that everything was evenly lit, but the lights were either directly in your eyes or not lighting an area up enough. This new light is from Rona. It's just a single bulb with a faux wooden drum shade.

Uberhaus 1-bulb wood grain light

I like the wood grain - I think it coordinates perfectly with the tan furniture and the matting in the framed pictures. Tom's not completely sold on it yet because he thinks it's too big for the room. I like that it makes a statement.

Uberhaus 1-bulb wood grain light

But with two more rooms that need new lighting, we can always move it if he finds something he likes better. (He's not going to find anything he likes better.)


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